Easipath ePOS


The Easipath ePOS is a powerful POS and MIS(Management Information System) software from the "Easisoft International Inc". It consists of a well-integrated set of functions that you can use to:

Manage all products and customer info using the Product
  Admin and Membership module
Monitor stock activity in real time using the Stock Admin
Support reading barcode from barcode scanner and
  output product barcode to printer
Provide multiple price admin likes product group and
  discount using the Price Admin module
Manage all staffs' right and responsibility using User
  Admin module
Provide multiple report and stat using the Report module
Support directly buy product via internet using eSCM


  Easipath eSCM
Easipath eSCM is web-based supply chain management software that targets corporations, chain stores, and application service providers. It contains 4 modules: Merchant, Supplier, Agent, and Administrator.

Merchant module: allow users to order, tracking and communicates with various suppliers.

Supplier module: enables suppliers to manage their inventory and customers.

Agent module: designed for Easiptah ePOS's resellers to manage the their merchant accounts and provide support to their customers.

Administrator module: designed for general administrative tasks for corporations and service providers.



  Easipath eBusiness

Easipath eBusiness Framework is a collection of J2EE business components deployed on J2EE application servers such as Websphere, Orion, Weblogic, etc. The framework includes many common e-commerce modules such as Online Storefront, Auction, Merchant Payment and Billing. The goal of Easipath eBusiness platform is to integrate mission critical business applications to our clients' enterprise so they can provide efficient, seamless solutions to the customers, suppliers and employees. By using our Easipath eBusiness framework software, we are able to rapidly develop the business applications and build e-business web sites for our clients to meet their requirements of ever shorten development and deployment cycle.



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